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After all, the greatest obstacle that faces any investor is the mental messages which constantly bombard both the novice trader and the veteran. The constant battle of fear and greed, mixed with trade confidence or apprehension, is enough to drive even the most seasoned professional crazy. These articles are designed to give you advice based on the trials and tribulations of seasoned investors and traders. Use these articles to reinforce the lessons learned and reiterate proper techniques from the courses.


Should I Pay My Student Loans Quicker or Save for Retirement?

For a recent college graduate, saving for retirement likely is not the first thing on the financial priority list. When that first paycheck comes through, there are a lot of possibilities for it: rent, groceries, bills, social outings, clothes for the work force and, of course, student loans. But retirement planning needs to be on that list-

Economic Indicators

As an investor it is important to understand how economic indicators can impact stock markets, investing, and the value of your investments. The key to your success will be looking at these economic indicators, extracting what Economic Indicators and key statistics that show where the economy is headed by monitoring inflation.

Mistakes to avoid when Purchasing a Home

Whether you have been looking for a home for some time or just entering the market with your search, please consider these important mistakes a lot of buyers make. You'll be ahead of the curve if you can learn from the mistakes other home-buyers have been making.

Reasons to Invest in China

There has been a lot of nonsense lately making the case for a China bubble. The reports saying that the 10.7% GDP growth cannot continue, and that the property market is overvalued and set to pop when the government cracks down on lending... Just because the U.S. economic decline was based on a real estate collapse does not mean that China's economy will do the same. There are very real differences.

Tips to Follow When Looking For a Mortgage

The Property market isn't want it used to be in some parts of the country. This shouldn't stop you from looking for a good deal though. If you do find that perfect deal you may need a few tips in order to find the right mortgage. This article will discuss a few tips and hints to follow so that you may find a mortgage that suits you.

Online MBA Programs for Finance and Bankers

So who makes the big bucks on Wall street? You could argue that it’s the bankers or even some highly successful brokers, but if you look at the track of MBA graduates, you’ll see the money’s really in investment banking and finance. Top schools like Harvard, New York University and University of Pennsylvania send almost half of their graduates into investment banking firms and financial services. Wall Street is definitely making the most out of these MBA graduates.

Biggest Mistakes That Job Hunters Make

Stop blaming your failed job search on a down economy; it's time to estimate your efforts instead. While no job seeker likes to hear that his strategies are fading, it's important to know when your practices need revising or should be dropped altogether. So rather than letting job search frustrations take a toll on your attitude and confidence, consider these reasons that your job search might be failing:

10 Best Investment Tips

Investments in 2013 will be your opportunity to make significant gains in your financial portfolio. Taking control early in your investment planning will maximize your returns and you'll create groundwork that will allow you to establish investing guidelines for all future investing as well. Investing is all about placing your best researched intuitions where you feel comfortable about what will take place regardless of the expectations of others or the status of the nation's

Understanding Venture Capital Funds

Starting up your very own business may get a lot of pondering, guts and money. Most of us would rather be their own boss than turn out to be a person else’s employee. Luckily new entrepreneurs have other alternatives in discovering funds for their company. A venture capital fund is a non-public equity from outside investors.

A Guide to Forex Scalping

Forex offers a very real way to make money in the markets even when the economy is in the doldrums.However, there are many different approaches which can be adopted, depending on personal preference and the size of your bank balance, which vary in risk and potential returns.Scalping is a very particular type of trading which is not for the faint of heart,

Where to invest ? How about indices

Indices are used extensively to measure change and volatility in areas of economic interest such as currencies, cpi, or unemployment. Stock indices are typically compiled by firms affiliated with the securities industry or exchanges, and are generally developed to mirror the broad market, a foreign market, or specific Sector.

Effective Strategies to Leverage a fragile Stock Market

When we are faced with a sour financial forecast, we’re often told to batten down the hatches and stay the course. But what if you can’t stand to do nothing as your portfolio gets beaten? Well for those of us who feel bound to take action, there are ways to leverage this shaky and weak stock market.

Investing in Medical Marijuana

For the first time, a majority of Americans now support legalizing marijuana. Commercial marijuana sales are estimated at $1.5 billion today which could quadruple by 2018. Eighteen states and the District of Columbia currently allow its medical use. Since the legalization of this drug investing in marijuana is now an option for investors as the government have put many laws into place, giving options to both users for medicinal purposes and also invites investors to help this

Passive Income and 10 Ways to Achieve it

Active income is income generated from your continuous action, meaning that there is income as long as you work. Stop working and there is no income. Passive income is continuous income generated from one time action. That means that there is income without your active work. At the first look, passive income sounds great. You are sitting and dollars are flowing into your pockets.

The Golden Key to Trading

Often novice traders look for a golden key to trading. One scientific answer to the markets that will lead them to success. Unfortunately, such a magical answer does not exist. The culprit, variables. Countless ever-changing variables affect the markets every move. Therefore, it is not possible for one strategy or formula to provide a complete answer. Instead, factoring in numerous variables heavily affecting current market conditions will lead you to strategies and...

Initial Public Offering?

The initial public offering process is actually a pretty straight forward concept. An IPO occurs when a stock that is currently privately held decides it wants to raise extra money by going public. The whole point of an IPO is to raise capital for expanding the company. The trade off of any IPO is that your company is no longer private and is forever under scrutinty by market analysts and the general public.

Is Financial Planning Needed?

If you are still thinking that financial planning is exclusively for the rich, you may just want to re think that now. The truth is that financial planning is even more important for the individual with an average income than it is for someone who earns a very high income. The case is that an average individual has to build his income stretch to cover many needs, and normally there is little cash left each month after paying all the bills and loan.

How a Bond Ladder can Steady Returns

Assuring yourself a steady yearly income is important during your retirement, you ideally want to smooth out the income fluctuations. Bonds offer stock investors a measure of stability to their portfolios. However, if you’re not careful, rising and falling interest rates can sabotage your strategy. A bond’s yield is directly related to its maturity, the longer the maturity, the higher the yield.

A Retirement Fund is Just the Beginning

You've worked. You've saved. You've invested. You now have accumulated a significant retirement nest egg. It appears you have a "lock" on a secure financial future. Still, you can't help but wonder, "Is it really enough?" For many either nearing or in retirement, this nagging question reveals one unavoidable fact: Building a significant retirement fund is no longer the "end game" of financial security;

How to Contest Your Property Tax

As surprising as may seem (if you're not a cynic), property taxes do not always get adjusted according to market values. In fact, the National Taxpayers Union estimates that as many as 60% of properties are assessed at a higher rate than their actual market value. Furthermore, ....

Geared up to Shakeup the E Commerce Business

Face book’s recent IPO raised important questions. Face book’s user base has been changing swiftly to the mobile platform. But the company didn't have a monetization plan in place to strike mobile usage and was caught off guard. Face book rallied fast with a deeper Apple iOS6 integration and updated mobile applications.

Dangerous Places to Get Investing Advice

Inspiration can come from many places, and while some resources make a lot of sense, others are a sure path to financial ruin. Here are a few dangerous places to get your investing advice. If you're presently turning to an online message board for investing advice, stop. The people posting on these web forums are notorious for making over-the-top predictions with little rationale supporting their claims.

Belief is fundamental to Your Success in Business

Unfailing belief is one of the most important characteristics that successful entrepreneurs need, it is vital to their long-term success and growth. People talk about self-confidence and self-esteem but there are 3 areas that you need to believe in if you're going to be successful in business.Firstly you need to believe in the business you're representing. How successful are they, how long have they been around, what is their reputation, are they respected in the industry,...

Hidden Fees that can hurt your Budget

Unwanted fees have a way of taking their toll on budgets. They appear every month, neatly hidden among the lines of legitimate charges from banks, credit card issuers and utility companies. Each one separately may not amount to much, but add them all together and the costs become significant. To be sure, some fees are unwanted but not unwarranted.

Key Debt Reduction Steps

The first step is to bring you back to reality. You must know exactly how much money you owe and to whom you owe it. Collect all of you unpaid bills and any other evidence of your outstanding debts. List each outstanding bill on the same sheet of paper. In separate columns, include the invoice or account number, amount due, name of the creditor, and the date the bill can be paid in full without incurring additional finance charges.