Having the proper guidance every step of the way is crucial to your success. We, at Equity Scholar, understand that. Moreover, in this Library section, you can read through numerous constructive articles written to provide direction and support beyond learning the skills of trading. When it comes to learning complex financial material, there's no substitute for the guidance provided by our Equity Scholar team.
After all, the greatest obstacle that faces any investor is the mental messages which constantly bombard both the novice trader and the veteran. The constant battle of fear and greed, mixed with trade confidence or apprehension, is enough to drive even the most seasoned professional crazy. These articles are designed to give you advice based on the trials and tribulations of seasoned investors and traders. Use these articles to reinforce the lessons learned and reiterate proper techniques from the courses.


Note Investing

From time to time our members want to learn more about note investing. Unfortunately there seems to be a shortage of information on the subject, especially on the topic of non-performing notes. This type of knowledge can be difficult to come by so I thought I would take a crack at shedding some light on […]

Key Signs Of A Market Top

When exhilaration is gripping the markets it can be hard to stand back from the frenzy and see that things may be heading for a reversal. This is why vigilant investors must dismiss emotions and remain focused on what the market is saying. A rising market will eventually correct and there are often early warning […]

Self-Employed Retirement Planning

The joys of self-employment are many. You set the focus of your business, the dress code is up to you, the only upper-management breathing down your neck is your own conscience and, most of all, you’re independent and responsible for the course of your financial well-being. With the joys, however, come the stresses. High among […]

Creating Your Financial Plan

Working with an Advisor We support the concept of professional financial guidance. Why? Because financial advisors are trained to help you determine your long-term investment goals, time frames, your capacity and tolerance for risk, and the types of investments most appropriate to help you achieve your goals. We suggest you choose a financial advisor in […]

Four Basic Strategies for Managing Risk

Most folks can get reasonably comfortable with some level of risk and the ups and downs of market volatility by using four basic investment strategies: Focus on the long term Diversify your investments Invest regularly Keep in touch with your financial advisor Focus on the long term. One key to living with market volatility is […]

Steps To Become a Millionaire

Money, of course, isn’t everything. Not by a long shot. Where your definition of success is concerned, money may rank far down the list. Everyone’s definition of “success” is different. So, let’s say money is on your list. And let’s say, like millions of other people, that you’d like to be a millionaire. What kinds […]

Costly Mistakes to Avoid before Retirement

If you talk to enough baby boomers or new retirees about what they wish they could do differently, chances are many of them would mention a retirement plan do-over of some kind. And even if you’ve managed to build up a sizable nest egg, executing on the right way to withdraw those funds is just […]

Wealth-building secrets of Millionaires

We all know somebody like Mitch, your mass-commuting, brown-bagging coworker who has toiled in accounting for as long as you can remember. Did you know he owns a vacation house at the beach? Call them the invisible rich. How do they do it? Sure, money like that sometimes comes from an inheritance or another fortuitous […]

Ways to Maximize Your 401k

It has taken over a generation for the 401(k) and similar 403(b) and 457 defined-contribution plans to become the bedrock of working America’s retirement goals. Nearly 80% of all workers who hold down full-time jobs have access to the 638,390 plans now in operation. That’s opened the door for nearly 89 million participants to put […]

Energy MLP Funds with an Inbuilt Hedge Against Inflation

The Master limited partnerships and their equity in the U.S. energy infrastructure are gaining constant popularity among the potential investors. All the small companies evolved in the dispersion and safekeeping of energy forms; share their assets in the form of a single financial vehicle, the MLP ETF. Since there is constant increase in the demand […]

How to Find Investor Partners and Lenders For Real Estate Investing

Whether you have lots of money and great credit starting out, or no money and lousy credit starting out, either way, if you truly want to make a serious bid at building a property empire then you cannot discount the importance of learning how to find investor partners and equally how to find private lenders […]

Tips from Stock Trading Scholars

While there are rarely hard and fast rules about trading stocks, there are a few tips that are considered so fundamental to stock trading that not knowing them will unquestionably result in some harm coming to your portfolio. These five tips are some of the most commonly held mantras of gurus who have been trading […]

The Basics Of Investment Grade Bond Investing

Investment grade bond investing concerns bonds that according to Standard and Poor’s, have a credit rating of BBB- or higher. Other credit ratings agencies have similar criteria and these can be checked on line. These are bonds that are viewed as having a good likelihood of fulfilling their financial obligations and banks are therefore permitted […]

Questions to Ask When Searching for a Place to Retire

When deciding on a retirement community for you or a loved one, there are numerous factors to take into consideration. Where do you want to live? What sort of community do you want to live in? How much can you afford? Here are several of the many important questions to ask yourself or your parents when trying to decide on a retirement community.

Best advertising Network for Publishers 2014

There are many advertising network for publishers in web. You can choose any advertising network to monetize your blog or website traffic and earn revenue. I choose best ten from them and details. Hope you like it. Google Adsense No surprise adsense is the world largest and best advertising network for many years. Adsense account […]

Ways Money can Wreck your Relationship

Everyone’s heard the old adage about making assumptions – but when it comes to your money and your relationship, those assumptions can actually ruin relationships. More than a quarter of those married or living with a partner say that disagreements over money are more likely to cause arguments than disagreements about children, work, chores or […]

10 Things You Should Always Negotiate On

Americans typically don’t like to haggle. It’s just not part of our culture. But not haggling could be costing you lots of money. Even if you don’t prefer to be pushy, you should at least politely ask for better deals on these 10 things. 1. Cars Car dealerships, unlike many other retailers, expect you to […]

10 Surprising Facts About Entrepreneurs

We have a picture in my head of what the average entrepreneur is like. Our guess would be that they’re generally pretty young (think Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.) living the ramen noodles lifestyle and working a crazy number of hours and often sleeping under their desk. On some parts, we are probably right — but […]

Hedge Funds and ETFs

Hedge funds charge hefty fees. Because they are that good (or so they claim)! They seem to provide good returns that have little in common with the overall stock market return, or U.S. bond market returns. But what is the source of their returns? Is it a stream of new and ever ingenious investment ideas […]

The 3 Classes of Real Estate

Not all properties are created equal and one of the most common questions new commercial property investors have is the difference between varying classes of real estate. So how do classes of buildings differ and why is it so important for investors to know the difference between a Class A, B or C Property? Commercial […]

Bad ways to borrow money

Payday loans Payday loans are small, short-term loans backed by your paycheck. Here’s how they work: You apply for a payday loan, listing your next two or three pay dates on the application. After getting approved, you write a postdated check for the loan amount plus interest and fees. On your next payday, the lender […]

Tools you need to be Rich

We believe that the team you assemble is just as if not more important than the concept and being a great team player that has a vision of capital markets make me a valuable resource for any company. In my unique experience in leadership roles would make me a key contributor to any team. It […]

Tips for buying luxury Property

There is not one design, style or size that embodies a luxury home. It could be a sprawling 15,000-square-foot French manor set on several rolling acres, or it could be a 4,000-square-foot contemporary home nestled into the side of a mountain. Although it’s difficult to quantify exactly what luxury means, most buyers think they know […]

Insurance Tips That Separate Amateurs From Pros

It is very risky to live without health insurance. If you break your leg or have a serious illness, you could end up with massive medical bills. It is safe to have sufficient health insurance, and these tips can help you get the coverage you need for your family.Look to catastrophic coverage instead of comprehensive […]

Startups do not Go Bankrupt – Owners Do

As start up Owners, we are constantly focused on making sure our fledgling companies have enough runway to grow. We believe that if the company’s bank account runs out, the company goes bankrupt and its game over. But that’s not always true. It’s often not until your personal bank account runs to zero that your […]