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Equity Scholar is a market-leading financial education service for traders and investors alike. Built to be the best, Equity Scholar offers a full range of educational products and services that provide lifelong learning and support to those seeking improvement in their trading and investing performance.

Our online courses on Equities, Investing, Options, Forex, and Futures combine innovative technology with comprehensive trading and investing strategies designed to improve traders of all experience levels. With in-depth classes, live trader chat rooms, and top-rated customer support, Equity Scholar is on a mission to provide our members the best brand in educated trading and investing.


Equity Scholar was created by a group of experienced professional traders and analysts, who have years of market knowledge and trading experience. Through their collective efforts, they built a series of comprehensive financial education courses designed to teach both experienced and novice traders how to properly approach the financial markets. These educational courses are based on the highly profitable, fundamentally sound trading strategies that they have developed over the years.

Course offerings are generally combined with instructional videos and ongoing mentoring support. They are offered in a variety of learning formats, which solidify student understanding and help members take control of their financial futures.

We, at Equity Scholar, understand that the markets are constantly evolving; therefore, we diligently work to provide continuous upgrades and enhancements in order to present our members the complete educational package.



Having the proper guidance every step of the way is crucial to your success. We, at Equity Scholar, understand that. That is why we give our members the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback from other users in our Forum. Moreover, in this Library section, members can read through numerous constructive articles written to provide direction and support beyond learning the skills of trading. When it comes to learning complex financial material, there’s no substitute for the guidance provided by our Equity Mentor team.

After all, the greatest obstacle that faces any trader is the mental messages which constantly bombard both the novice trader and the veteran. The constant battle of fear and greed, mixed with trade confidence or apprehension, is enough to drive even the most seasoned professional crazy. These articles are designed to give you advice based on the trials and tribulations of seasoned investors and traders. Use these articles to reinforce the lessons learned and reiterate proper techniques from the Course



Equity Scholar has built a comprehensive financial education courses based on highly profitable, fundamentally sound trading and investing strategies. Through the collective effort of a group of experienced professional traders and analysts, an intuitive course was created. By going through these lessons anyone seeking valuable insight on the markets will learn how to approach the stock selection process according to our proven trading and investing strategies. With a heightened and improved skill set our members have the tools and confidence needed to successfully participate in the markets.

Our Equities Foundation Course is the cornerstone of Equity Scholar. The financial education system is designed to drill analysis principles and accelerate the student’s learning curve to success. Members are encouraged to move forward at their own pace so they can learn as quickly or slowly as they wish. The complete course encompasses Basic Terminology, Trading Necessities, Psychology of Trading, Fundamental and Technical Analysis, Identifying Action, and Basic and Advanced Trading Strategies. After you master our Equities Trading Program, continue your education with our other included online courses covering Options, Forex, Futures and Investing.


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Start protecting your own investments. Learn how to locate strong stocks and spot trading entry and exit signals. See how options can help minimize risk and enhance profitability in any market. Apply multiple strategies to help enhance your portfolio and your results. Add a full arsenal of techniques to help you take control of your financial future, with in-depth training and hands-on support to help you succeed.

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